A journey through time in Peacock class.

Today in year two  we had a horrible history day, we dressed as characters from the past to bring history to life.

We have had a fantastic day and would like to tell you about some of our favourite activities.


One thought on “A journey through time in Peacock class.

  1. Class 2

    I enjoyed making my firework pictures because I made lots of different patterns.

    My favourite part of the day was the paper airplanes and seeing people’s costumes and making firework pictures.

    My favourite part of the day was when I did my Egypt name with Mrs Mace. I got to learn how to write in Hireoglyohics.

    My favourite part of the day was learning about mummies.

    My favourite thing was doing dance with Queen Elizabeth.

    I enjoyed making the paper airplanes because we could try them out.

    I enjoyed doing the dance and the singing. I also liked learning about Egypt.

    I enjoyed doing paper airplanes because I did mine rainbow and I called it Jessica. I liked doing the fireworks because you got to use lots of different coloured chalks. I liked testing the airplanes outside. I liked making my name in Egypt and I liked to learn about different things. I liked dressing up.

    I liked the dance because I got lifted up and it was really fun.

    I liked the dance and I danced with Zach.

    I liked Queen Elizabeth. I stood in the middle of the dance and it was very fun.

    I liked writing my name in Egypt because I like learning lots of things.

    I liked making fireworks because we could hear all the rain outside and it was like fireworks were outside.

    I liked doing firework pictures because I did 4 of them and they were really good. I liked doing the dancing with Queen Elizabeth.

    I loved doing the dance because I liked the words of the song.

    I enjoyed doing the firework pictures because they were really colourful.

    I liked going on the laptops. We wrote about ourselves.

    I liked the laptops because we described where we lived and what costume we had.

    I liked finding out who people are dressed up as. I liked doing some fireworks and I liked dancing with Queen Elizabeth I. I liked doing Egyptian names. I liked dressing up as Kitty Howard.

    I enjoyed everything about today.

    I liked doing Egyptian writing and the dancing where we had the music on and I was dancing with Gabriel. I liked the fireworks and the airplanes.

    I liked doing everything!

    I liked doing the airplanes and I liked doing the firework pictures.

    I liked doing everything!

    I liked doing everything so much.

    I liked having a horrible history day.

    I liked it when we did the fireworks becuase I made my own picture. My favourite part of the day was doing the airplanes. I enjoyed everything.

    I liked doing everything!

    I liked doing horrible history and doing everything.

    I enjoyed writing my letters and doing the pictures of them. I also liked doing the airplanes and the pictures.



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