Venture Experts at Norbidge Academy.


This week we started a new way of working on a Tuesday afternoon.

Our whole school came together and went into different groups to take part in new and exciting experiences.

In Peacock Class we had the opportunity to choose to do forest school activities, dancing, French, gymnastics, art or singing.

Find out what we thought about our first week as

Venture Experts at Norbridge Academy…..

Mikolaj ”It was fun”

Kuba ”I liked mixing and painting it was very fun”

Mitchell ”I liked painting”

Ollie ”I liked the science of mixing colours”

Maja ”It was so fun”


Maddison ”We did a little show at the end”

Tyler ”I liked it very much”

Ellesha ”I liked it when we sang all of the song at the end”

Charlotte ”I liked singing the Lion King”

Priya ”I liked it when we danced”


Rhys ”It was so fantanstic”

Mason ”It was so fun”

Summer ”I liked it when we danced to beauty and the beast”

Stevie ”I loved the dance off’

Lauren ”I liked watching Stevie and Ethan do their dance off”

Bethany ”I liked the teddy bear roll”

Maisie ”I liked the arch and the log roll and the dish”

Noah ” I liked the teddy bear roll”

Riley ”I liked everything”

Sophia ”I liked doing the dish roll and the arch”

Gabrielle ”I loved singing, dancing and playing games”

Lily ”I loved French: I liked the games’ and singing”

Olivia ”It was fun doing French ”

Millie ”I liked playing lots of games”

Zach ”We played jenga. I got to hold the bear”

Toby ”I liked making faces on trees”

Betsy ”I liked feeling the clay”

Alexis ”I liked making the face and putting the stick on my lion”

Jack ”I liked making the face on the tree”

Lilia ”I made my grandpa on the tree”

We all had a fantastic afternoon and we are looking forward to doing it all again next week.








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