Home Blogging Challenge.

This half term, we are holding a special blogging challenge that will give children a chance to share their fantastic story writing skills.

Can you create a story based on this picture.


You could write about who lives in these magical woods, what adventures they might go on in the magical  woods or any other ideas that you might have.

Please comment with your entries.

The deadline for this challenge is Thursday30th November.

We are looking forward to reading your ideas and will be choosing a winner from our blogging challenge who will receive a trophy and prize.

Our winner will also have their writing published in the school newsletter.

Good Luck.

Remembrance Day.

This week in our English and History lessons we have been finding out about World War 1.

We talked about the importance of remembrance.

To show the brave soldiers that we remember them we wrote our own acrostic poems.


People died in the war.

Everyone remember to wear your red, plastic poppy.

A two minute silence is a way you can remember the soldiers.

Can you remember the soldiers?

Everyone celebrate the war ended.



Poppies are delicate like special gold.

Oh no! Soldiers have been in the war.

Peace is not there anymore.

Please remember the people that died.

Yippee! let’s raise money.



People remember to wear your poppy with pride.

Enemies died on the battle field too.

A two minute siles always helps us remember.

Celebrate the brave, strong soldiers.

Everyone come together to remember.



Remember the people who died.

Everyone who was brave went to war.

Mums and dads don’t be sad.

Everybody wear a poppy.

Many people in the war.

Brave people died.

Everybody stay quiet during our two minute silence.

Remember, remember.



Poppies are worn on remembrance day.

On the 11th of November we remember.

People died in the war.

People died on the 11th November.

You can help by buying a poppy



Flanders field is the battle field that the soldier fought on.

Long ago world war one ended on the 11th day of the 11th month.

Armistice day.

Never forget!

Don’t be sad.

Everybody come together to remember.

Remind those around you to wear a poppy with pride.

STOP! Don’t forget to have 2 minute silence.



November the 11th is a day when we remember the strong, brave soldiers.

On November the 11th the soldiers fought for us and died for us.

Very sad families were upset.

Everyone died in the war.

Men got shot on the battle field.

British Legion run the poppy appeal.

Everyone remember to wear your red, green and black poppy.

Remembrance day is when we have a two minute silence.



Please don’t get upset.

Own poppies to remind you of the good people.

Please have two minute silence.

Poppy appeals raise money.

Yes, remember people.



REMEMBER the 11th of November.

Everybody don’t forget the war.

Mums and dads don’t be sad.

Everyone don’t be angry.

Men and women went bravely to the war.

Be happy the war ended.

Everybody wear a poppy with pride.



Priya, Sophia, Rhys, Maddison, Tobias, Alexis, Kuba, Mason and Ollie

Heroes went to Flanders fields.

Every strong, brave soldier went that day.

Remember the 11th of November.

Over the weekend wear your poppy with pride.



 Remember the people who died.

Everybody wear your poppy.

Men were brave to fight in the war.

Everyone stand up and have 2 minute silence.

Mums and dads don’t be sad.

Be happy for them who have made it.

Every day help people

Remember please remember.



Brave, strong and clever soldiers fought in the war.

Remembrance day to remember all the people who have died.

Although they are gone they are not forgotten.

Very, strong soldiers had to leave their families behind.

Every 11th of November we do a two minute silence.



Remember the 11th November.

Everybody don’t be sad.

Mums and dads don’t be sad.

Everybody remember the brave soldiers.

Mums and dads please have 2 minute silence.

Be thankful for the soldiers.

Everybody don’t be sad.

Remember, Remember, Remember!



Remember mums and dads.

Everyone don’t be sad.

Mum’s had to stay strong.

Everyone remember.

Many people didn’t come home.

Be brave.

Everyone show you remember by wearing your poppy.

Remember, Remember, Remember.



Poppies grew on Flanders field.

On 11th November the war ended.

Poppy appeals help raise money.

Poppies help us remember.

You can help by buying a poppy.



November the 11th is a day to remember.

On Flanders field.

Very brave soldiers died.

Everybody buy your poppies.

Mums and dads were sad.

Bullets flying high and low.

Enemies died in the battle as well.

Remember the brave, strong soldiers’ every day.



Remember the 11th November.

Everybody wear a poppy.

Mums and dads be proud of your brave soldiers.

Enemies on Flanders fields.

Many bravely went to fight on Flanders field.

Boldly wear your poppy.

Everyone have a 2 minute silence.

Remember, remember, remember the 11th of November.



Brave, strong soldiers went to war.

Away from their families.

Two minute silence is always held.

This day is also known as Armistice day.

Look for red, glittery poppies to wear.

Everybody remember to wear your poppies.

Friends and families come together.

In memory of the soldiers.

Everyone remember Flanders field.

Long ago but never forgotten.

Do you remember?



Nobody worry or be sad.

Often people wear red, plastic poppies.

Very brave people went to war.

Everyone suffers after a war.

Many people died.

Battles were fought on Flanders field.

Everyone was sad after the war.

Remember, remember the 11th of November.



Poppies grow on battlefields.

On our clothes we wear poppies

People died in the war on Flanders field.

People be proud and wear a poppy.

You should all remember.



Poppies are worn on remembrance day.

On the 11th of November.

Poppy appeals raise money.

People died.

You should remember the brave.



Remember the people who died.

Everybody wear your poppy.

Mums and dads don’t be sad.

Everybody don’t be sad.

Men and women went bravely to war.

Be careful said the mums to their babies.

Everyday buy a poppy.

Remember, remember people who died.












The Great Fire of London.

During our English and History lessons we gathered information about the great fire of London in order to make our own news reports.

In Computing this week our learning objective is to leave a comment on our blog.

Please read the comments on this blog to discover the fantastic news articles we wrote.

A Journey Through Time.

This week on our adventures through time we have landed in Worksop…..50 years ago!

In English we looked at pictures of Worksop Town centre and tried to describe what we could see using past tense and descriptive language.


Here are some of the things we could see…..

Venture Experts at Norbidge Academy.


This week we started a new way of working on a Tuesday afternoon.

Our whole school came together and went into different groups to take part in new and exciting experiences.

In Peacock Class we had the opportunity to choose to do forest school activities, dancing, French, gymnastics, art or singing.

Find out what we thought about our first week as

Venture Experts at Norbridge Academy…..

Mikolaj ”It was fun”

Kuba ”I liked mixing and painting it was very fun”

Mitchell ”I liked painting”

Ollie ”I liked the science of mixing colours”

Maja ”It was so fun”


Maddison ”We did a little show at the end”

Tyler ”I liked it very much”

Ellesha ”I liked it when we sang all of the song at the end”

Charlotte ”I liked singing the Lion King”

Priya ”I liked it when we danced”


Rhys ”It was so fantanstic”

Mason ”It was so fun”

Summer ”I liked it when we danced to beauty and the beast”

Stevie ”I loved the dance off’

Lauren ”I liked watching Stevie and Ethan do their dance off”

Bethany ”I liked the teddy bear roll”

Maisie ”I liked the arch and the log roll and the dish”

Noah ” I liked the teddy bear roll”

Riley ”I liked everything”

Sophia ”I liked doing the dish roll and the arch”

Gabrielle ”I loved singing, dancing and playing games”

Lily ”I loved French: I liked the games’ and singing”

Olivia ”It was fun doing French ”

Millie ”I liked playing lots of games”

Zach ”We played jenga. I got to hold the bear”

Toby ”I liked making faces on trees”

Betsy ”I liked feeling the clay”

Alexis ”I liked making the face and putting the stick on my lion”

Jack ”I liked making the face on the tree”

Lilia ”I made my grandpa on the tree”

We all had a fantastic afternoon and we are looking forward to doing it all again next week.







A name to be proud of

I received an exciting delivery this morning….Our new class mascot.
A beautiful Peacock for the members of our class to take home on weekend adventures.
Not just anyone will be able to take our class mascot home though. The lucky recipient will be someone that has made themselves and others around them proud #proudpeacock.
Maybe they will have shown great kindness, created a fantastic piece of work or changed their mind set to achieve something that they didn’t think they were going to be able to do.

First things first though, our mascot needs a name and this is where you come in.
It can’t just be any name; it has to be a name to be proud of.  A name that when you hear it you are reminded of a great person, place or moment in time.
Leave your ideas below and we will announce our Mascots name by the end of the week.